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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: [dbcp] [pool] Roadmap ideas
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2007 06:19:20 GMT
On 6/21/07, Henri Yandell <> wrote:
> On 6/20/07, Phil Steitz <> wrote:
> > Next releases:  [dbcp] - 1.3 close as many of the 1.3-marked bugs as
> > possible without the new pool impl and add instrumentation using JDK
> > logging, therefore increasing required JDK level to 1.4.
> +1. Instrumentation is strongly needed.

Agreed.  I have started this and will commit what I have to trunks.

> > Resolution
> > of some issues involving close behavior may have to be deferred to
> > rework of pool-dbcp connection (move to CompositePools).  Continue
> > dependency on [pool]'s GOP in this release.  More aggressive bug
> > fixing, performance improvement -> more testing, public beta required.
> >  Need to talk about a strategy for that.
> It'd be very nice to get a test suite, separate from the unit tests,
> that we can point at an undefined database and churn through. It could
> do performance testing as well as veracity testing.

I have some of this and will commit it in crude state to start.

> > [pool] - push out a 1.3.1 including fixes applied since 1.3 and if
> > possible, fixes for POOL-97, POOL-93, with dbcp 1.3 depending on this.
> > The idea here is the 1.3.x branches of [pool] and [dbcp] continue to
> > support existing clients with full backward compatibility at JDK 1.4
> > level, providing bug fixes but no new functionality or APIs.
> My general thoughts on [pool] are 'whatever [dbcp] needs it to do'.

After looking at this some more and the fixes that have been committed
to the pool 2.0 trunk, I am now seeing Sandy's original plan as better
- get a pool 2.0 out directly instead of trying to push out a 1.3.1.
Some of the fixes already committed would force 1.4 at least and the
new stuff in compositepool should be released.  So unless I hear
screams, I will continue down the pool 2.0 path, getting a release out
ASAP that will work with dbcp 1.2.x.  Sorry to change my mind on this.

> > "2.0"'s:  (Work could begin now on branches, concurrently with 1.x
> > releases above)
> > [dbcp]: 2.0 move to CompositePool backing and add JDBC 4 support,
> > increasing JDK level to 1.5

Now agree with Sandy's orginal plan to leave this at 1.4 and move to 1.5 in 3.0.

> >  If 1.x-incompatible changes are necessary (not obvious at this point
> > that they are), rename affected packages dbcp2.
> > [pool]: 2.0 release compositepool package, resolve open pool bugs.
> > JDK level upped to 1.5. Investigate use of JDK concurrency package to
> > improve performance and/or resolve some open pool issues.
> I'd have to find time to help out with the minor releases before I
> probably have huge ideas here.
All help appreciated.



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