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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [vote] releasing jci RC3 as 1.0 ...maybe this time?
Date Sun, 10 Jun 2007 14:26:28 GMT
>> So you are saying +1 for the assembly release ...but I don't get the
>> "who needs what" part.
> What I meant was that I did not see it as a big user inconvenience to
> bundle all of the jars into a single release, since they are
> individually small.  So, yes, I am +1 on putting together an assembly
> and making it available, along with the KEYS file, on the commons
> download page.

I just fear no one will use it ...but anyway.

>> See above ...I think subversion is our source distribution. I don't
>> really see a point in providing a classic source distribution. But
>> maybe that's too much change for now ;)
> Yes, too much for me at least.  In theory, voting on a tag and
> pointing users there to get sources still could be viewed as a
> release, but that is a big change from current practice and
> inconvenient for users who prefer to build from release sources.

It is a big change ...but who says that changes are bad? ;)

But seriously: be realistic. Those people building the releases from  
will have subversion on their machine. And what can be simpler than a  
one-liner to checkout the sources? Even downloading it from an apache  
mirror is more work.

> I think we should always distribute the source with our releases.

I think the only problem that I am seeing is that tags are not  
immutable in svn. So in theory even a tag is not good enough but a  
release is really a revision number.

> I guess what we are really talking about here is "what is a release?"

True. Especially with maven2 as the build system. I tried to raise  
that a couple of times already. We need to come up with proper  
release instructions for maven2 based projects. This is for sure.


>> I'll prepare the assembly distributions and hope to get your +1  
>> then :)
> Of course!  I just need to be able to build it first :)

Go nuts :)


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