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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [nightly build] [configuration]
Date Tue, 01 May 2007 13:24:15 GMT
Thanks a lot Phil !

Phil Steitz a écrit :
> I finally got things configured so that [configuration] will build
> along with the other m1 nightlies.  The problem is that - IIUC and C
> may well be off -  in m1, you can "upgrade" plugins selectively via
> version specifications in the pom, but you can't "downgrade" them.  As
> long as the 1.9.2 xdoc plugin is installed locally, m1 will load it
> and that will hose the [configuration] build.  Workaround is to
> explicitly install 1.8 using maven plugin:download -DgroupId=maven
> -DartifactId=maven-xdoc-plugin -Dversion=1.8.  That uninistalls 1.9.2,
> but as long as other components have 1.9.2 specified in their poms, m1
> will cache and use 1.9.2 for them.  This works4me locally and on
> vmbuild. Anyone else wanting to build [configuration] as well as other
> commons components will likely have to do the same.
> Moral of the story - let's get going on m2 ;-).  Once a component has
> a working m2 build, to move the nightlies to m2, just move it from
> commons-nightly/trunk/nightly_proper_maven_list.txt to
> commons-nightly/trunk/nightly_proper_maven2_list.txt
> (or _sandbox_ for sandbox components).
> I also got the wget working on people, so the nightly tarballs / zips
> are back again at
> Next step is to do same for maven snapshot jars.
> Phil
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