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Subject Re: commons compress status?
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 22:20:57 GMT
> On 5/15/07, <> wrote:
>> I'm interested in merging some earlier archival work (in C) into commons
>> compress and would like to know who to coordinate with.   The changes
>> will
>> be... substantial... and I'll probably just fork the project for now,
>> with
>> a goal of merging in late summer.
> It's a dormant component at the moment (we need to move it over to
> dormant I think). I don't know of anyone who is monitoring it - Chris
> Grobmeier was the last one who was discussing working on it (or am I
> forgetting someone more recently?)

Hmmm... dormant....

Seriously, that creates a lot of flexibility.  The cool thing about
archives is that you can think about them as persistent Maps if you're
willing to be see a "filename" as potentially an arbitrary string key
instead of just a  concrete presentation of a concrete file on your hard
disk.  That insight makes you look at archive files in a whole new light,
as something potentially occupying a space between a properties file and a
full JDBC connection.  Something that can even be nested, e.g., the .deb
package format is nothing more than a couple compressed tar files inside
of a unix 'ar' library/archive.

You can't do that if you only see archives as boring things used in
backups.  Backups that are either windows (zip) or unix (tar), yawn.

If you go hardcore, you'll notice that a lot of common file formats
provide support for arbitrary data to be buried within the files.  JPEG
and PNG image formats, ELF executable files and shared libraries....  This
definitely isn't 1.0 stuff, but it's something to keep in mind.

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