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From "Niall Pemberton" <>
Subject Re: [configuration] Re: [nightly build] configuration failed.
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 13:16:02 GMT
On 4/18/07, Emmanuel Bourg <> wrote:
> I did a fresh install of Maven 1.0.2 on (FreeBSD 6.1,
> Java 5u7), with a fresh checkout of the code, and ran 'maven site'. The
> build failed on checkstyle with this error :
> Unable to create a Checker: cannot initialize module TreeWalker -
> Property 'allowMissingJavadoc' in module JavadocMethod does not exist,
> please check the documentation
> I had the same issue on my laptop, this property exists in the
> checkstyle documentation though. I removed the offending line and
> restarted the site generation, it completed normally.

I had the same issue when checking about RC3 - just needed to install
the latest checkstyle plugin for maven to resolve this:

> Now I wonder why Phil's nightly builds report an xdoc error and not the
> checkstyle error. What command is used to start the nightly build ?

Maybe not related to the checkstyle issue? From memory we got the kind
of error the nightly build is seeing when the commons-build jsl script
was updated and specifying the xdoc plugin as 1.9.2 resolved it. Now
we no longer depend on commons-build - but my guess is its an isssue
with the combination of plugins /scripts installed on the nightly
build m/c. I know you revereted the plugin version from 1.9.2 back to
1.8 because of the "title style" - but since its breaking the nightly
build for configuration (and its the style most components use)
perhaps you should just switch back to the 1.9.2 version (or move to


> Emmanuel Bourg
> Emmanuel Bourg a écrit :
> > I have the same version of Maven and the build works fine with the xdoc
> > plugin 1.8. What is wrong ?
> >
> > Emmanuel Bourg
> >
> >
> > Phil Steitz a écrit :
> >> Failed build logs:
> >>

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