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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: Sonfiguration-189
Date Sun, 15 Apr 2007 15:38:31 GMT
sharma rohit wrote:
> Is Configuration-189 issue resolved in R1.4 of Commons Configuration?

The DefaultConfigurationBuilder class, which is available since the 1.3 
release provides the desired functionality. The class is covered by the 
user guide.

You can find the history of this enhancement request at [1].



>> This is a proposal to support reloadable configurations in the configuration
>> descriptor parsed by ConfigurationFactory. I suggest two forms, a complete form
>> to fine tune the strategy applied to the configuration:
>> <configuration>
>>   <properties fileName="">
>>     <reloading-strategy
>> class="org.apache.commons.configuration.reloading.FileChangedReloadingStrategy">
>>       <param name="refreshDelay" value="30000"/>
>>     </reloading-strategy>
>>   </properties>
>> </configuration>
>> and a short form:
>> <configuration>
>>   <properties fileName="" reloadable="true"/>
>> </configuration>
>> This short form will use a FileChangedReloadingStrategy with the default values.
>> This form keeps the descriptor simple for those that don't bother fine tuning
>> the performance of the reloading mechanism.

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