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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: [all] Going TLP?
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 22:00:33 GMT
+1 for c.a.o, since I think it is right thing for commons.

<Jakarta PMC Chair hat on>

I really regret this step is necessary and is the beginning of the end of Jakarta. Even though
process started earlier than this proposal, this process will make the end of Jakarta unavoidable.
always hoped flattening commons would be the new Jakarta, but the thought crossed my mind
I could
well be the last Jakarta PMC Chair.

Please understand that this proposal is *not* about Jakarta, but about commons, so instead
of voting
-1 on this proposal to prevent Jakarta to end, I prefer that everyone will continue to keep
at Jakarta to move Jakarta to it's new role, whatever that may be. There are still a lot of
that here that need your expertise, experience and spirit.

</Jakarta PMC Chair hat on>


Henri Yandell wrote:
> I think the end should be nigh for Jakarta (those on private@ will
> have seen a thread in which I side-topic'd with the feeling that the
> end should be nigh for Jakarta). Previously I've suggested that
> Commons should flatten into Jakarta and that Jakarta should become a
> general 'Java components' project; however there are some negatives to
> that that I think are critical.
> Firstly, it leaves the future Jakarta with a lot of dead projects that
> are going nowhere. That's not going to change in the short to medium
> term, so it just becomes a millstone for the project's neck.
> Secondly, the Jakarta PMC will always remain a big group of people who
> care about the brand name and the various legacies, rather than a
> small focused PMC. I think this isn't desirable for any active
> community that are a part of Jakarta currently - trying to have a PMC
> that are acting as one community when not being one community doesn't
> work.
> Thirdly, I think by being here we are helping to delay the inevitable
> and keeping the old, broken umbrella going. Moving to TLP will help
> things move along, and will provide a place for things to move to.
> So with that said - I'd like to propose that we move to
> Hen
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