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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject [all] Going TLP?
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 01:24:00 GMT
I think the end should be nigh for Jakarta (those on private@ will
have seen a thread in which I side-topic'd with the feeling that the
end should be nigh for Jakarta). Previously I've suggested that
Commons should flatten into Jakarta and that Jakarta should become a
general 'Java components' project; however there are some negatives to
that that I think are critical.

Firstly, it leaves the future Jakarta with a lot of dead projects that
are going nowhere. That's not going to change in the short to medium
term, so it just becomes a millstone for the project's neck.

Secondly, the Jakarta PMC will always remain a big group of people who
care about the brand name and the various legacies, rather than a
small focused PMC. I think this isn't desirable for any active
community that are a part of Jakarta currently - trying to have a PMC
that are acting as one community when not being one community doesn't

Thirdly, I think by being here we are helping to delay the inevitable
and keeping the old, broken umbrella going. Moving to TLP will help
things move along, and will provide a place for things to move to.

So with that said - I'd like to propose that we move to


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