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From Curt Arnold <>
Subject Some signs of life on log4j 2.0
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2007 20:47:07 GMT
This has no impact on JCL, but I thought it might be of interest to  
some here and did not want anyone to feel excluded and am definitely  
interested in any additional hands.  There has been some recent  
activity on the log4j-dev mailing list that might mark the start of  
log4j 2.0 development after years of talk (I'm sure that there is  
still plenty of talk ahead).

A couple of weeks ago there was a thread ( 
t=117555885500003&r=1&w=2) on the state of log4j 1.3.

Out of that came an experiment to see if Chainsaw (dependent on log4j  
1.3) could be migrated back to using log4j 1.2 plus a limited amount  
of backported log4j 1.3 code ( 
dev&m=117623660224909&w=2).  At this point, Chainsaw can be built  
with either log4j 1.3 or with the SVN version of log4j 1.2 plus the  
expression-filter and receivers sandbox projects (which are backports  
of log4j 1.3 features that can work with log4j 1.2).

Out of that came an idea to repackage the log4j 1.3 PatternLayout so  
that it could be used with log4j 1.2 when users would like to use a  
feature that had only been in the log4j 1.3 version of  
PatternLayout.  The sandbox project has been set up by copying the  
corresponding code from log4j 1.3 but no other work has been done  
yet.  The idea laid out in 
gmane.comp.jakarta.log4j.devel/11905 (for some reason this message  
doesn't appear in the other archives) is that after that project has  
made a log4j 1.2 compatible PatternLayout, it could then be branched  
off to start defining the log4j 2.0 interfaces around Layouts,  
LoggingEvents and the like before moving on the bigger and better  
things.  There has been some follow up discussion that got into  
broader log4j 2.0 issues (latest messages only show up in GMANE  

If anybody would like to help out on the ground floor of a potential  
log4j 2.0, please join log4j-dev.  If you are already an Apache  
committer and would like commit rights on the sandbox area to  
contribute to the precursor experiments, mention it to the list and  
we will work it out.

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