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From Bryce L Nordgren <>
Subject Re: [collections] VOTE: Collections-java5 direction
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 18:03:05 GMT
Hey all,

This may be something so simple it goes without saying, but it also may be
something that's easy to overlook.

The main value of commons collections is that it performs "intuitive" type
checking.  Collections can contain mixed types which are bounded on both
the top and the bottom end.  They can also be forced to contain only one
type of object.  This allieviates some of the practical problems with Java5
collections; namely you can't add anything to a Collection<? extends

If you intend to retain this functionality, I believe the only legal way is
to retain implementations of Collection (no generics).  I would very much
like to see this functionality retained. :)

Please pardon me if this was an "obvious" email.


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