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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject [cli] findings...
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2007 00:41:45 GMT

OK here is the story. There is bug in the 1.0 release of CLI  
that I've encountered a couple of times now. This time while I was  
writing a "javac" compatible command line interface for the jci  
examples. So I thought I have a look at the source, but.... what a  
mess! Just have a look here:

I wasn't even clear what to compile and use. So I did a "svn log" on  
all 3 possible candidates.

  svn log --stop-on-copy 
  svn log --stop-on-copy 
  svn log --stop-on-copy 

My interpretation (please correct me if I am wrong) is that  
CLI_1_BRANCH was the original branch from the CVS migration. The  
CLI_1_0_1_prepare even has still the old ASL 1.1 header. The  
cli-1.0.x seems to have the "latest" changes and be the real thing. A  
snapshot compile did in fact solve the problem I had with jci.

IMO we *have* to clean up this mess. I am not sure how much time I  
can devote atm - but I will try to help. This has bitten me too often  
now. So here is my proposal:

1) Let's do a bug fix release 1.0.1 from cli-1.0.x ASAP. cli-1.0.x  
should become the official bug fix release branch for version 1.
2) Let's remove all other 1.x branches (CLI_1_0_1_prepare, CLI_1_BRANCH)
3) Let's remove the commons-configuration-integration and  
RESEARCH_CLI_2_ROXSPRING branch. There was no activity within the  
past 20 months unless I am mistaken. So I think we can safely say  
these tries were dead-ends.
4) Let's remove the CLI_2_DEV_BRANCH. What's that needed for? Trunk  
is now 2.x
5) Let's move the avalon-implementation branch into the sandbox. It's  
a completely different implementation and has nothing to do with  
commons-cli ...except sharing a common problem space maybe. Again not  
much activity either.

Once that is done it might be worth having a look to get trunk on the  
way. But well step at a time :)


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