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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [cli] findings...
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2007 16:46:28 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:
> On 3/16/07, Torsten Curdt <> wrote:
>> 3) Let's remove the commons-configuration-integration and
>> RESEARCH_CLI_2_ROXSPRING branch. There was no activity within the
>> past 20 months unless I am mistaken. So I think we can safely say
>> these tries were dead-ends.
> Let's check with Oliver on the commons-configuration-integration. I
> know that was a subject that's come up a few times (last time I needed
> a cli type thing, I went with configuration and much preferred it; it
> just needs a cli like option).
I had a short glance at this branch (I was not aware that it existed
before). There are the two classes ConfigurationCommandLine and
CommandLineConfiguration that implement the integration in both
directions. They are pretty simple (probably because the APIs of cli and
configuration are similar), but seem to be functional.

I am not sure how to proceed here. The code of the
CommandLineConfiguration class could be added to CONFIGURATION-211
(enhancement request for a command line configuration). But should
configuration declare another dependency to cli?


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