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From Stephen Kestle <>
Subject Re: [collections] VOTE: Collections-java5 direction ; notifying collections
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 19:34:36 GMT
Bryce L Nordgren wrote:
> First, let me understand the proposal.  Is a 1.4 compatible version of
> commons-collections going to continue to be supported simultaneously with
> the 1.5+ "reboot"?  Your answer above indicates "no".
I just re-read that:  The current version of collections will still be 
supported, just not extended (AFAIK - although, what that means is less 
certain. There wasn't any activity on the new! exciting! generic version 
of collections for months until I spoke up a few days ago.  But 
maintenance is the intention, I believe).

The new version will not be 1.4 compatible (by design - however, I 
believe that it would be possible to retroweave it to 1.4 without any 
trouble.  But you'd still lose any "type safe" cast methods 
MapUtils.getDouble() etc.)
> However, if the answer is "yes", I can go away happy and stop bothering everyone with
large codebase maintenance issues.
Go away, happy man :p

PS.  That line is completely in jest and good humour, lest that be lost 
in the ether.
PPS.  I'm really not qualified to say that we *will* be doing 
maintenance on the current version, so you can't really go away anyhow.  
Stephen C or someone needs to verify.


Stephen K

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