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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: Seeking opinion RE IP issues
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 12:05:37 GMT
IANAL, so not going to give you advise on this scenario :) I tend to prevent this scenario,
starting an "open source" for such things. Most employers will say yes to this, especially
if you
invest a lot of your own time in creating this :)
I started doing it like this, since at a certain point in time, I was promised I could use
that code
base in any way I wanted and couldn't get permission when leaving that company.
(my project xulux is an example of this, although sadly enough I lack the time to work on

Just some thoughts ;)


Matt Benson wrote:
> First, my apologies for the cryptic subject line.  I
> am woefully ignorant of the relevant legal jargon.
> Next, note that this email is NOT related to my
> various twitchings regarding bringing the Morph
> project to Apache.  Moving on...
> I should qualify that I am a US citizen, so the
> relevant IP laws would apply AFAIK.  Now let's say I
> write a Java library at work, but it's something that
> is (a) useful and (b) fairly unique, and I think it
> would make a nice commons component.  Time passes, I
> change jobs, and based--no bullshit--entirely on my
> recollection of the functionality I had implemented
> before, I re-implement something extremely similar in
> the commons sandbox for eventual consideration for the
> commons proper.  I've heard various things to the
> effect that you can't be held responsible for what you
> remember (unless you're Ben Affleck in Paycheck); can
> anyone comment on experience with this type of
> question wrt the ASF?  What does it take to prove that
> I in no way referred to the original code beyond what
> remained in my head?  The resulting code would
> probably be similar though not identical to the
> original, but the functionality would be nearly
> identical unless I totally freaked out in some way.
> fwiw, I've subscribed to legal-discuss@a.o in case
> having done so in the past would have made me a
> better-informed citizen to begin with.  :|
> -Matt
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