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From <>
Subject Re: Commons Logging deprecated? was Re: [logging] 1.1.1 release?
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 00:58:52 GMT

---- Oleg Kalnichevski <> wrote: 
> On Sat, 2007-03-10 at 16:05 +1300, Simon Kitching wrote: 
> > I expect that this will be the last ever release of commons-logging.
> > There are no features missing, no known bugs, and as support for java
> > 1.4 is now generally universal there is no reason for applications not
> > to use the java.util.logging API directly.
> > 
> This is a little bit of a shocker to me. Does your opinion represent the
> collective opinion of the JCL developers? Do I interpret your message
> correctly that JCL has been effectively deprecated, there will be no
> work done toward JCL 2.0 and the upstream projects that currently depend
> on JCL are advised to migrate to JUL?

It's only my personal opinion. However I am one of the major contributors to JCL since 1.0.4.

There is nothing *wrong* with JCL, and the code isn't going to be removed from the Apache
servers. And if there are any significant bugs found they are likely to be fixed. So there's
no need to be worried, or to rush off to change any existing code.

However if code requires java1.4 or later for other reasons I don't see any benefit in that
code using JCL; the java.util.logging api is built in to java so why download an additional

For libraries that still want to support java1.3 or older, JCL is an excellent choice. However
that's a rapidly shrinking category. Apache Tomcat now requires java1.4, and has moved to
java.util.logging as its API (with JULI as the underlying implementation); I would suggest
other code do the same.

I did spend some time and effort researching possible "JCL 2.0" designs, but after further
thought decided there was little point. Of course I'm only speaking for myself here.



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