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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject [jci] out of the sandbox
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2007 01:16:28 GMT
I'd like to bring this well before an actual vote.

At the moment I am still in the middle of documenting and fixing up  
JCI for a first 1.0 release. I hope to be able to provide a first RC1  
at the end of next week ...latest the week after.

There are a few things about JCI that are worth talking about.

1) Community

Frankly speaking there still is no big developer community. There are  
contributors - but so far I am the only one committing. Still the  
project is integral part and heavily used by well known projects like  
Cocoon and Drools (plus more of course). Now both communities are  
eagerly waiting for a release (as this also blocks their release  
process). IMO community should not be too much of a concern. If there  
is a bug and I don't - I know they will dig into it. JCI might have  
well more people behind it than other components we have. Oh ...and  
testcase coverage is good :)

So question is whether it is OK to move JCI out of the sandbox - soon.

2) Multi-project

JCI uses the maven2 multi-project feature for modularity. Now this  
makes it the first multi-project release in commons and question is  
how we should handle versioning and voting procedure. In theory it  
would be good to be able to have individual releases of the modules.  
Suggestions are welcome.

3) Site

Another thing that comes with the multi-module is that  
(unfortunately) maven's multi-project reporting facilities still  
suck! At the moment this still means that some of reports are just  
empty. The only other option would be to have a sub-site for each  
individual model - but for JCI that would be just overkill. Please  
just have a look what needs to be changed for a release.

3) groupId

I would like to use the proper maven2 groupId naming scheme for JCI.



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