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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: VOTE: Release commons-fileupload 1.2 (3rd attempt)
Date Sat, 10 Feb 2007 11:59:40 GMT
Hi Jochen,

Jochen Wiedmann wrote:

> On 2/9/07, Jörg Schaible <> wrote:
>> testProgressListener(org.apache.commons.fileupload.ProgressListenerTest):
>> expected:<-128> but was:<-128>
> This sounds like two different kinds of objects with "same" values,
> for example (short) -128 as opposed to (int) -128.

Yeah, but it does not make sense. The error message indicated, that an
assertion failed and in that code I cannot see anywhere a call with an
Object, assertXXX it is always called with the native types.

> Could you please be so kind to add some logging code that checks this?

well, I tried hard to find the cause for this, but failed so far. If you
look at the stack trace, it simply does not make sense also. Nevertheless
when I run the test from within Eclipse with the JRockit 1.5 runtime, the
ProgressListenerTest fails every 2nd execution in exactly the reported way.
Due to some sysouts I know now, that it happens when the runTest is called
the 2nd time *after* the first call to the listener. Unfortunately if you
try to debug it, everything seems to work well. OTOH I am quite unfamiliar
with the code ...

Maybe you wanna try it youself, JRockit can be freely downloaded at

- Jörg

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