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From "Niall Pemberton" <>
Subject Re: [all] Releasing commons-parent pom version 2
Date Sat, 10 Feb 2007 13:24:23 GMT
On 2/10/07, Dennis Lundberg <> wrote:
> Jochen Wiedmann wrote:
> > On 2/10/07, Niall Pemberton <> wrote:
> >
> >> Any reason not to release version 2 of the commons-parent pom?
> >
> > Niall, I'd like to throw in my experiences from releasing the
> > commons-fileupload project. In particular, I would like to add the
> > rat-maven-plugin and the gpg-maven-plugin. Would it be ok to wait for
> > that? If not, I may as well add them to 3-SNAPSHOT later on. However,
> > I'd volunteer for 3 then, and not for 2. :-)
> I haven't used the rat-maven-plugin myself so I can't really speak for it.

I haven't used the maven plugin for RAT - but usually run RAT before
voting/commenting on a release - more often than not it throws
something up regarding headers/licensing - I'm sure if we included it
it would save much pain and reduce the comments on release candidates
- so big +1 from me to Jochen's suggestion.

I guess the ony question is how much delay will waiting for these
plugins cause - since there are people releasing with m2 now
(fileupload, net)? If they're imminent then lets wait, if not then
lets do the pom now and cut a version 3 once they're ready.


> The gpg-maven-plugin, on the other hand, I have used. It would be a nice
> addition, as it eases the M2 release process. If you have a working
> configuration for it, please go ahead and add it to the parent.
> >
> > Jochen
> >
> --
> Dennis Lundberg

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