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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject [RESULT] [VOTE] Release commons-parent 2
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 19:22:59 GMT
Dennis Lundberg skrev:
> It is time to release a new version of commons-parent. There are a 
> couple of pending releases that would like to use the features in this 
> new version. Here's a run-down on the changes that has been made since 
> version 1 was released:
> A site.xml file has been added to enable Maven 2 generated sites. It is 
> using the new commons-skin to give the sites the commons look-and-feel.
> Changes to pom.xml:
> - Add maven-jar-plugin with locked down version. Also add the necessary 
> entires into the manifest.
> - Add maven-gpg-plugin used to sign the artifacts during the release.
> - Add standard set of reports: javadoc, jxr, surefire, jdepend.
> - Add rat-maven-plugin.
> - Configure maven-site-plugin to exclude the special Maven 1 files 
> navigation.xml and changes.xml from site generation.
> - Make the deployment protocol configurable, uses scp by default.
> - Add snapshot repo for rc profile.
> - Compile properties are now set to 1.3 as a default value. It can be 
> overridden by components using another version.
> The revision of the last change is 507361.
> The vote will be open for the usual 72 hours.
> Here's my +1

Here are the results of this vote::

+1 from:

Niall Pemberton
(with a comment to remember to update the version in the appropriate places)
Henri Yandell
Jochen Wiedmann
Dennis Lundberg

I will proceed with the release.

Dennis Lundberg

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