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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject [all] jira report
Date Sat, 17 Feb 2007 10:21:34 GMT
Thought I'd mention this again. It's cron'd nightly:

I often randomly click through the JIRA projects - and it was much
nicer to run down the report and look at each project. The above was
made for an email, but I'll probably go ahead and html it up so the
links are clickable etc.

Interesting things that it implies to me (with a dumb set of mental rules):

Configuration 1.4 is ready for a release (surprise!)
FileUpload 1.2 is ready (shock!)
DBCP 1.2.2 is ready for a release (you're stunned)
CLI 1.1 seems close to a release (no one cares)
JXPath 1.3 is nearly ready (?)
Net 2.0 is ready (?)

Chain 1.3 might be ready for a release
Logging 1.1.1 might be ready for a release (we all know it is)
Pool 2.0 might be ready for a release (probably not I presume)
Net 1.5 might be ready for release

Fixing versions on the Nightly Build seems odd (Digester has 1, Pool
has 4, VFS has 3). You can't later tell what version they went in. If
it was a fix for something like the website and didn't go in a
version, I'd either use the next version or have it have no fix


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