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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Re: [lang] 3.0 thoughts again
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 17:56:19 GMT
On 2/15/07, Stephen Colebourne <> wrote:
> From: Henri Yandell <>
> > So enum package would be removed and enums package would be deprecated
> > as it has a JDK replacement. We would then add functionality around
> > the JDK enums to provide some/all of the value back.
> maybe.
> > Adding binary compatible generics is a pain in the arse though, right?
> yes.
> The best and simplest approach is to create lang5 with a different package, recognising
> JDK5 is effectively a separate language as far as library like lang is concerned.

*nod* understood. (sorry for going over this again, Collections-5
doesn't seem to have defined all of this yet).

I would like to avoid the silliness of 'Lang5 1.0", much nicer to
emulate Sun's silliness and jump to "Lang 5.0", so it sounds like:

1) Create a branch in Lang for the Lang5 version.

2) Change package name to be org.apache.commons.lang5 or
org.apache.commons5.lang. While I quite like the idea of the latter,
the s5 looks bad.

3) Change groupId to org.apache.commons [or commons5] because we don't
want transitive anyway (nice and easy :) ).

4) The Lang website would contain both the 2.x legacy version and the
5.x future version. Until the 5.x one is released the 2.x release
would be the one from which the website is generated; when 5.0 is
released it'll switch to being released from the 5.x branch (same time
that 5.x and trunk switch). Links would be kept to old javadoc,
release notes etc.

Does that sound right? Is that what is planned for Collections5?


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