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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Re: [all] Releasing commons-parent pom version 2
Date Sat, 10 Feb 2007 17:06:03 GMT
On 2/10/07, Jochen Wiedmann <> wrote:
> On 2/10/07, Niall Pemberton <> wrote:
> > Any reason not to release version 2 of the commons-parent pom?
> Niall, I'd like to throw in my experiences from releasing the
> commons-fileupload project. In particular, I would like to add the
> rat-maven-plugin and the gpg-maven-plugin. Would it be ok to wait for
> that? If not, I may as well add them to 3-SNAPSHOT later on. However,
> I'd volunteer for 3 then, and not for 2. :-)

They're not in the fileupload pom.xml - are they on SNAPSHOT versions
(knowing that both are kind of new, so not sure if they have fixed

The one thing I think we should avoid is allowing SNAPSHOT versioning
into our build system (or at the least it should block a release if
we're dependent on a SNAPSHOT plugin).


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