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From "ich bin" <>
Subject Re: JavaFlow in OSGi
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2007 14:12:45 GMT
Dear Mr. Torsten Curdt,

Many thanks for your reply.
> > I would like to know that if ContinuationClassloader is compatible  
> > with the standard ClassLoader mechanism in OSGi runtime environments 
> > (like Knopflerfish,etc....).
> What's the exact meaning of "compatible" here?

As I understand that Javaflow has a typical class ...bytecode.Stack 
object which serves as a "virtual" stack in the memory and over it, we have a full control.
 The class looks like every normal class has to be either treated statically with the Javaflow
ant task, or loaded by javaflow's ContinuationClassLoader which instruments the code at runtime.
Thus, you can replay the stack whenever it is needed. The problem with this approach is that
in OSGi, the classloading is crucial and cannot be easily replaced by a different classloading
mechanism. My question is that can ContinuationClassloader can live together with the OSGi
standard Classloader peacefully?

Well, I also think that how this class could work among different Java
VMs. The layout of the stack heavily depends on the implementation of the
JVMs. Without verifying, I assume that if you have a Sun VM and a VM using the GNU Classpath,
this is very likely to fail. Are my arguements absolutely wrong?

Kind regards,
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