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Subject svn commit: r510784 - /jakarta/commons/proper/email/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2007 03:05:25 GMT
Author: dion
Date: Thu Feb 22 19:05:24 2007
New Revision: 510784

change bugzilla issues to corresponding jira entry


Modified: jakarta/commons/proper/email/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml
--- jakarta/commons/proper/email/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml (original)
+++ jakarta/commons/proper/email/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml Thu Feb 22 19:05:24 2007
@@ -79,22 +79,21 @@
         Make sure that the unit tests don't fail under JDK 1.3.x with  Address already in use
-      <!--  TODO change bugzilla issues to corresponding jira ones -->
-      <action dev="henning" type="update" due-to="Niall Pemberton" issue="36536">
+      <action dev="henning" type="update" due-to="Niall Pemberton" issue="EMAIL-49">
         Replace our usage of address.validate() with simpler code that allows
         commons-email to work with javamail 1.2 / J2EE 1.3 environment. Added an
         unit test which verifies the behaviour.
-      <action dev="henning" type="update" due-to="Niall Pemberton" issue="36535">
+      <action dev="henning" type="update" due-to="Niall Pemberton" issue="EMAIL-58">
         Add an unit test to check for invalid addresses.
-      <action dev="henning" type="update" due-to="Stephen Colebourne" issue="36486">
+      <action dev="henning" type="update" due-to="Stephen Colebourne" issue="EMAIL-12">
         Remove dependencies to commons-lang, allowing commons-email to exist without
         any external dependencies in an J2EE 1.4+ environment.
     <release version="1.0-rc6-SNAPSHOT" date="in Subversion">
-      <action dev="epugh" type="update" due-to="Troy Poppe" issue="34056">
+      <action dev="epugh" type="update" due-to="Troy Poppe" issue="EMAIL-51">
         Improve MultiPartEmail to ease extending it.
       <action dev="sgoeschl" type="update">
@@ -102,16 +101,16 @@
       <action dev="dion" type="update">Add serialVersionUID to EmailException</action>
       <action dev="dion" type="update">Use Dumbster 1.6 compiled with jdk13 for testing</action>
-      <action dev="dion" type="fix" issue="34919" due-to="Eric Spiegelberg">
+      <action dev="dion" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-24" due-to="Eric Spiegelberg">
         Refactor Hashtable usage to Map
-      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Mark Lowe" issue="32094">
+      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Mark Lowe" issue="EMAIL-42">
         Email throws EmailException wrapping underlying JavaMail exception
-      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Corey Scott" issue="32410">
+      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Corey Scott" issue="EMAIL-32">
         Change port for dumbster from 25 to 2500 to use unreserved port.
-      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Corey Scott" issue="32260">
+      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Corey Scott" issue="EMAIL-3">
         Add back in ByteArrayDataSource.
       <action dev="epugh" type="remove">
@@ -121,16 +120,17 @@
         Output test emails to /target/test-emails as .txt files for manual
-      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Mark Lowe" issue="31904">
+      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Mark Lowe" issue="EMAIL-19">
         Inline attatchment encoding was incorrect.
       <action dev="epugh" type="add">
         Integrate our own checkstyle config instead of using Turbine style only.
-      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Joe Germuska" issue="18968">
+      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Joe Germuska" issue="EMAIL-55">
         Clone the System.getProperties() call instead of putting random properties
         into it.
+      <!--  TODO change bugzilla issues to corresponding jira ones -->
       <action dev="epugh" type="add" issue="16859">
         Can't supply a javax.mail.Session to Commons Email component

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