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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [all] jarfiles in svn
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2007 21:30:52 GMT
Simon Kitching <skitching <at>> writes:

> When using maven, only the first run needs to download the jars ... So, no need
> for "internet access at build time".
> For ant ... This can be run *once* to download the jars, but is not part of the
> main build task, so there is no need for "internet access at build time".

Even if only for the first run you need a build environment for downloading the
dependencies. That's the point.

> > (I speak from experience. In my company ...)
> A poor corporate internet access policy at one company is *NOT* a good
> justification for misusing the Apache SVN repository.

1. How can be a misuse what was (inevitably?) custom for years? I don't know how
Jakarta Commons handled this before Maven. Of course SVN might not be perfect
for it. But as long as infrastructure team does not even discourage from
committing jars I don't see a real problem with it. And for commons transaction
we talk about other magnitudes than for Cocoon (665 KB vs. 40-45 MB).

2. I don't give justifications for enacting a law or something like that. I only
gave an argument which might be considered as well. Other examples might be
imaginable. If it is common understanding to do it the other way, be it for
unification or other reasons mentioned, I'm ok with it.

Thanks for your understanding.


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