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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [all] Jira reporting
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 20:25:24 GMT
Martin Cooper <martinc <at>> writes:

> > > Any exact targetting for unresolved issues will lead to "this
> > > issues hasn't made it into the latest release, we try to get it into the
> > > next one" mails polluting the mailing lists without nearly any additional
> > > value.
> >
> > I think that is a good thing as it means someone is looking at that
> > issue each release and deciding that it won't go in that release. If
> > it keeps getting punted all the time then someone can ask if it's ever
> > going to happen.
> This is exactly why we moved to something like what Hen is proposing for
> Struts. We had oodles of issues just sitting there with no indication of
> when, if ever, they were likely to be fixed, and no indication of whether
> anyone was committed to looking at them. Once you start versioning the
> issues, you get the beginnings of a roadmap rather than just a bucket of
> issues.

Ok, that's a point. Cocoon does indeed suffer from this as well. But I guess in
Cocoon changing this would just not work (or end in 300 "issue version
re-addressed" mails per release). For the maintenance branch the development is
much less targeted as it is more or less only project-driven, i.e. an issues
that a committer needs on his current project gets handled rapidly. Other issues
are mostly done on demand or on request. For littler projects or projects with
less chaotic project management (which I like much though :)) the above might
indeed be useful.


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