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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Commons Transaction 1.2
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 08:50:03 GMT
Niall Pemberton <niall.pemberton <at>> writes:

> Since RC3 was created (back in July 2006!) there is now the new
> "Source Header and Copyright Notice Policy" that needs to be complied
> with:
> Henri fixed this in the trunk for transaction a few weeks ago - but
> warrants a new RC IMO.

Ok, that's an issue.

> Also Rahul raised the issue about dependency jars held in the
> repository - and it looked to me like you were going to change the
> build to download these automatically, rather than including them in
> the distro:

We wanted to get out the release as fast as possible. This issue can be
postponed and addressed later IMO.

> I also think given the long time between cutting the RC and voting
> this makes the case for tagging the repository - initially I wondered
> where this had been built from as it didn't match any current source -
> until I releaized it had been done so long ago.

The long time itself is not an issue, nothing has changed on the source code
since the latest RC except the headers. The commits I did recently don't fix the
issue (not buildable with JDK 1.3 due to 1.4 compiled dependencies), but only
show the issue at a different during a build. This itself does not warrant a new
RC IMO, but as the headers do so, it will be included in that RC as well.


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