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From "Ben Speakmon" <>
Subject [email] Status and JIRA breakdown
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 18:41:05 GMT
Greets all,

I'd like to share my impressions of the current open issues for email
and what I think would be a good plan for taking them on. I plan to
prepare patches for most of the outstanding issues, but I wanted to
ask for feedback on them as well.

There are currently 13 open issues in JIRA; happily one was closed
last week when the OP got a new comment on the issue and marked it
closed as being his fault. Of the 13:

4 issues: Fixes for, or new features for, charset support
4 issues: Improvements to how attachments work
2 issues: Simple-looking performance enhancements (both with patches I
reviewed and that seem to be okay)
1 bug: HTML Emails with images don't display in Outlook 2000
2 features: adding SSL support and generating Email objects from
InputStreams or Strings (both of which seem useful)

I know that email 1.0 was targeted at javamail 1.3 and jaf 1.0.2, but
since then the 1.1-SNAPSHOT in the maven file has updated to 1.4 and
1.1 respectively, and Henri committed the patch I submitted to enforce
the same versions in the build.xml. Therefore it seems that the
decision to ship a 1.1 with the newer versions has already been made,
so I don't see why any of the current issues should be postponed to a
2.0 release. Right now email is a very simple API, and I don't see a
need either from my own use of it or from the current open issues to
push a lot of new features onto it; rather the focus should be on
making what's already there work better.

In any case, I'm going to take some time to review the charset issues
more closely and see if a good solution pops out. Please let me know
if there's something else someone would like me to examine while I'm
in there :)


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