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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject [transaction] Towards a Commons Transaction 1.2 release
Date Sat, 20 Jan 2007 16:59:10 GMT
Hi everybody,

I wonder if there can finally be a Commons Transaction 1.2 release. Half 
a year ago we already had a RC 3 [1] which did not get released at that 
time not due to a specific reason. There were discussions about getting 
the jars at build time [2]. This issue came up again [3] when talking 
about a release recently [4].

If somebody wants to do this step I'm fine with it, but IMHO it should 
not block the release. When doing the step one should also have in mind 
the necessity of 1.3 compiled Geronimo jars. David Blevins offered to 
help here [5, 6], but I don't know about any progress (cc-ing him).

The code in SVN as is must be built with a JDK 1.4+ to include the JCA 
stuff. The target JDK 1.3 is addressed automatically by the build system.

All other issues like interface compatibility [7] or license headers [8] 
have been addressed [9] or are obsolete with a new RC.

So what is left?

I gathered all those links and information as I will be off for the next 
5 weeks (New Zealand :) ) and somebody else can jump on the train. I 
don't know how much time Oliver has. He is rather quiet lately.

I'd like to see a Commons Transaction 1.2 release after coming back. 
Here is my +1 in advance :)



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