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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Re: [all] Jira reporting
Date Sun, 07 Jan 2007 01:37:46 GMT
On 1/6/07, Joerg Heinicke <> wrote:
> Henri Yandell <flamefew <at>> writes:
> > The spam issue is a tricky decision. Sometimes I turn off the
> > notifications to then do a lot of changes, other times I let the spam
> > hit the list because moving an issue into a version is a decision. If
> > there were a lot of them, I'd be tempted to send an email to the list
> > saying "Moving these issues into XXX" and then do a bulk move with the
> > send-email option turned off.
> >
> > That'd be a nice JIRA feature - bulk-email notification rather than
> > individual notification for each issue.
> Another way to let it be less bugging would be a splitting of this mailing list
> into multiple ones. No, not project specific - I know you love the
> cross-pollination :) But splitting it into
> commons-cvs|svn| (many projects have their own list for
> commit mails), commons-jira|issues| (don't know a project
> having this, but would love to see this, especially because of the topic we are
> actually talking about) and the actual dev list for discussions. This would
> finally make it possible to read current heavy traffic lists like geronimo-dev
> and this one on mailing list archives. At the moment I often get lost in the
> huge amount of mails and I refrain from subscribing to both metioned lists.
> WDYT? Any chance for implementation?

We talked about this a while back, and though there was some
disagreement the consensus was definitely in favour of splitting the
'noise' off onto another list. Making the archives more readable was
the big reason. It's just not been done.

I think it's more common to move things over to the commits list than
making a list for each source. Maven currently does this.

I can definitely do it for JIRA no problem, so then it's just a matter
of getting a wiki change. I'll let this sit for a few days to make
sure no-one -1s, and then go ahead and make it happen.


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