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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Re: REPOST [attributes 2.2] Missing optional package Extension
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 17:30:59 GMT
On 1/4/07, nicolas de loof <> wrote:
> According to SVN log, the manifest has been added by "bayard". The maven
> generated manifest is not used (why ?)

These are for the Ant build - they're the ones that Maven generated
for me. Seem to recall that attributes didn't like building on the
Mac, so this was done on a Debian Linux box with Sun 1.4.2 and Maven

Unless is a name convention; they're not used for the Maven build.

> I also notice has been set to 1.4 during 2.2 (rev
> 410143 by leosutic) that will break backward compatibility : I'm using
> commons-attributes on other projects on JRE 1.3.
> I've tested some changes from commons-attributes trunk :
> change maven.compiler.source and to 1.3 in

Does it compile under 1.3 for you (using Ant I presume)? I'm wondering
why the move to 1.4 was done, maybe there's a call to a 1.4 only
method in there somewhere.

> remove from "api" sub-project

Should be unnecessary.

> remove dependencies in api/project.xml (as they are only required by
> compiler)


> With those changes, my webapp launch fine and run as expected.
> From what I've read, Extension-List is used to allow downloading of libs at
> runtime when not available in classpath. As ant and qdox manifest don't
> declare themself as extensions, the extension resolution fails.
> I'd suggest a new release as compatibility with 1.3 is blocking for me to
> upgrade.

Sounds good - once we grok why it was moved to 1.4.


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