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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Re: REPOST [attributes 2.2] Missing optional package Extension
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 08:50:41 GMT
On 1/3/07, nicolas de loof <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using commons-attributes with Spring on a Java 1.4 application.
> I've included commons-attributes-api 2.2 (from maven repo)
> I get this Tomcat exception on startup :
> LifecycleException:  Missing optional package Extension[ant,
> implementationURL=,
> implementationVersion=1.5]
> The commons-attributes MANIFEST contains those lines :
> Extension-List: ant qdox
> ant-Extension-Name: ant
> ant-Implementation-Version: 1.5
> ant-Implementation-URL:
> qdox-Extension-Name: qdox
> qdox-Implementation-Version: 1.5
> qdox-Implementation-URL:
> I don't know what this "Extension-List" is and why is it required by
> commons-attributes. AFAIK, the API doesn't require those libs anyway (only
> the compiler do).
> Is this a bug, and what would be a workaround ?
> AFAIK there is no development anymore on commons-attributes, so I can't ask
> for a 2.2.1 to correct this. How to handle this "Extension-List" ?
> I've added ant and qodx in my WEB-INF/lib with no result.

I've no idea on the specific problem you're facing, but if a solution
turns up I could try to push out a 2.2.1 release to correct it. I
imagine removing the bits from the manifest would solve things - have
you tried deleting them to see if things work?

That'd be my first step. Then I'd google around to see if I can figure
out what they're for. Then either suggest a new release or a


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