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From Matt Benson <>
Subject [jxpath] 1.3
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 23:32:03 GMT
Hi, for those of you who haven't encountered me
lurking on commons-dev for the past year or two, I'm a
member of the Ant PMC and a commons user.  I'm also a
committer to commons-openpgp in the sandbox but
haven't done much there (yet?).  :(  Finally, I
suffered a burst of commons-collections contributions
last summer or sometime thereabouts.  

  Now that I've (hopefully sufficiently) introduced
myself, I'll get to the point:  I see that there is
some user demand for a new release of jxpath; indeed I
am a user who would also benefit from a release,
always preferable to explaining to your peers why you
insist on using nightlies... ;)  I'd like to offer to
help with whatever tasks are necessary to push jxpath
to a 1.3 release.  I think Dmitri still lurks here but
best I can tell he's got other things to do.  Plus I
suppose you eventually don't really feel like
continuing to look at the same old code, impressive
though the jxpath code is...

Can somebody (Henri?) offer advice on what I and/or
other members of the (user and/or Apache committer)
community might do to get the ball rolling?


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