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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject [math] Release 1.2 planning, incorporating Mantissa
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2006 22:45:36 GMT
We have added a lot of new functionality to [math] since the 1.1
release, and Mantissa includes quite a bit more.  We need a 1.2
release plan, incorporating some elements of Mantissa.  Here is a
straw man - please any and all jump in to comment and most of all
volunteer to take on tasks.

1. Start with a list of Mantissa features to introduce into [math]
1.2, based on the WishList and review of the Mantissa code base.  Here
is my suggested list for math 1.2:
   a. The entire Mantissa estimation package
   b. The entire Mantissa optimization package

2. Repackage and refactor Mantissa code - not much, actually - to be
consistent with the rest of [math] (interface encapsulation, pluggable
implementations using new approach - see 5 below)

3. Replace suboptimal implementations in math random and analysis
packages with better impls in Mantissa, where this makes sense (TBD -
comments / suggestions welcome). Also, leverage relevant bits and code
recently contributed in MATH-157 to implement SVD.

4. Clean up things added to math trunk since 1.1

5. Replace commons-discovery dependency injection mechanism with
spring-compatible approach - patches welcome!

6. Get to zarro boogs (or a pretty Jira screen, I guess ;-)

Comments, volunteers, patches, welcome!


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