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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [VOTE][VFS] release commons-vfs 1.0 based on RC8
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2006 16:53:07 GMT
Hi Rahul!
> Ofcourse its upto you, but I'd suggest making the (new) RC available
> for a few days before calling the vote, especially since there has
> been quite a gap between the last RC and now.
Hehe, for sure, I was just too enthusiastic ;-)
On the other hand, more often than not things came up during the vote
and not after the announcements :-(

> Also, same comment as in betwixt vote thread about final versions in
> artifacts.
> Please note that I do not think its a good idea to announce RCs on the
> user list, especially once we all switch to the style above.
I agree if we change our artifacts.
And I too would like another way how we move forward to a release (at
least if my understanding matches with what you mean).
Is it like this?:

*) create a version tag in svn - the final tag - in this case "vfs-1.0"
*) switch local version to this tag (or checkout at a different place)
*) remove SNAPSHOT from various build files
*) create distribution - creates artifact with correct final version
*) after the vote has passed we simply can copy these version to their
final destination


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