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From Daniel Manley <>
Subject enhancements needed for the OS/400 parser?
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 15:37:13 GMT
Hi all,

I've been using commons-net for FTP for about two years now.  It's been 
great and we love it (we = the company at which I work).

But recently our systems have had to interface with an OS/400-based FTP 
server.  It's been a lot of trouble.

First, the default date format didn't match what the server was sending 
(dd/MM/yy instead of the default yy/MM/dd).  Second, the OS/400 parser 
only understands the *STMF and *DIR types.  But the server I'm working 
with has a *FILE type.  Additionally, there's a *MEM type too.  Which 
leads me to the third problem:  each file listing seems to be in two 
lines.  One as *FILE and the other as *MEM.  But the *MEM lines don't 
include size or timestamp.  This results in a null being returned from 
parseEntry() (because the REGEX doesn't match).  When null is returned, 
the parsing is aborted.  As a result, I would only ever see the first 
file alphabetically in a listFiles() call.

To solve my problem without hacking/customizing the commons-net 1.4.1 
jar, I subclassed the OS/400 parser to try parsing with two REGEX values.

Could I suggest changing the core of file entry parsing to not give up 
when it gets a null back, but rather to give up when the listing data 
stream is done reading?  Any null's return by parseEntry() should be 
skipped.  At the least, an exception should be thrown to indicate 
incompatible FTP listing data.

But, I also discovered that if there's an exception in parsing (null 
pointer, runtime, etc), commons-net catches this exception and quietly 
returns.  IMHO, this should be floated up to the caller to be aware of a 
problem in parsing the FTP data.


here's some debug I put into commons-net to discover what was being read 
from the server.

the line read was [CFT             45056 04/12/06 14:19:31 *FILE      
the line read was [CFT                                     *MEM       
the line read was [CFT             36864 28/11/06 15:19:30 *FILE      
the line read was [CFT                                     *MEM       
the line read was [CFT             45056 04/12/06 14:19:37 *FILE      
the line read was [CFT                                     *MEM       
the line read was [QSYSOPR         28672 01/12/06 20:08:04 *FILE      
the line read was [QSYSOPR                                 *MEM       
the line read was [null]

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