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From "Jochen Wiedmann" <>
Subject VOTE: Release commons-fileupload 1.2
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 13:52:21 GMT

after the release of commons-parent, the hurdles for publishing the
next version of commons-fileupload have now gone. So I'd like to
request a release of

    Commons Fileupload 1.2

The proposed distributables can be found at

The proposed web site is at

Notable changes in 1.2 are:

- Made Streams.asString static. Thanks to Aaron Freeman.
- Eliminated duplicate code. (FILEUPLOAD-109)
- Added a streaming API. (FILEUPLOAD-112)
- Eliminated the necessity of a content-length header. (FILEUPLOAD-93)
- Eliminated the limitation of a maximum size for a single header
line. (FILEUPLOAD-108)
  Thanks to Amichai Rothman.
- Added the ProgressListener, which allows to implement a progress bar.
- Added support for header continuation lines. (FILEUPLOAD-111)
  Thanks to Amichai Rothman.
- It is now possible to limit the actual file size and not the request size.
  (FILEUPLOAD-88) Thanks to Andrey Aristarkhov.

Please cast your vote:

[] +1
[] =0
[] -1


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