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From "Eickvonder Bjoern" <>
Subject [validator] [patch] Validating all indexed properties with different messages
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2006 08:25:35 GMT

I got a patch that might be slightly related to
It addresses the following two problems.

1.) If an indexed field is validated the validation terminates on the first index failing.
My patch makes this configurable within the field element via an attribute "stopOnFail". If
this is false just the validation for the current index is terminated if a dependency validation
fails. If it is true (Default) there is no change in behaviour.

2.) In VALIDATOR-116 it is said that a major problem with indexed fields is that you can't
get different error messages. My patch makes this possible by allowing a back-reference token
"[]" (as used internally for the key of the field) to be used within msg keys, arg keys and
var values. In case of an indexed property these are replaced by [0],[1],[2],... during the
iteration over all the indexes of the validated field.

By the way, should I have (or should I still) opened an "Improvement" within Jira for this
or has it been correct to first post this patch here?

Björn Eickvonder

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