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From "Kasper B. Graversen" <>
Subject problems reading mac files
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2006 10:04:03 GMT
Hi I'm trying to read a mac file (only containing \r as linebreak) using

public String importFile(Reader inputfile) throws IOException {

		// read the file
		final CSVParser csvparser = new CSVParser(inputfile);
		final CSVStrategy strategy = new CSVStrategy(
				',', // Set the ,as delieter
				'"', // Double quotes encapsulate record
				'#', // Comments start with the hash
				true, // Ignore leading whitespace
				true, // Interpret unicode escape sequences
				true); // Ignore empty lines
		final String[][] data = csvparser.getAllValues();

but the file (1000 lines) is being read as a single line by the csv 
reader :(  Any ideas or bugfixes in the horizon?

many thanks

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