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From Alan Canon <>
Subject [dbutils] Status of outstanding JIRA issues scheduled against dbutils-1.1 release as of 3 Nov 2006
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 19:11:23 GMT
Thanks to Henri Yandell, there are now no outstanding issues against 
dbutils-1.1 of major importance.

There are three minor issues filed against 1.1. Regarding the release of 
1.1, my recommendation is that we do apply DBUTILS-17, optionally apply 
DBUTILS-16, and regarding DBUTILS-27, either WONTFIX or schedule it 
against a forthcoming 1.2 release. Then release the result as dbutils-1.1.

There are already substantial improvements in CVS: but this product has 
not seen a release in three years. They are listed in order of 
increasing dubiousness.

DBUTILS-17 ScalarHandler subclasses that return Integers and Longs 
(created 09/Mar/06
Henri Yandell has submitted a rework of an earlier suggested patch, but 
is unsure if they should be added. The patch does add general purpose 
functionality to dbutils in addition to its originally intended benefit 
of allowing convenient selects of longs in count(*) operations. Alan 
Canon leans towards FIX in 1.1 in a comment.

DBUTILS-16 ResultSetRowProcessor abstract handler and some classes 
rework (created: 04/Jun/04)
This two-and-a-half year old patch has been reworked into a brand new 
patch by Henri Yandell without comment as to whether or not it should be 

DBUTILS-27 [dbutils] QueryRunner.count(String, ...) methods for SELECT 
COUNT(...) sql (created: 27/Sep/05)
These convenience classes delegate the execution of a SQL query to a 
ScalarHandler. The meat of the patch is:
+            stmt = this.prepareStatement(conn, sql);
+            this.fillStatement(stmt, params);
+            rs = this.wrap(stmt.executeQuery());
+            result = SCALAR_HANDLER.handle(rs);
Comments imply that what is achieved is a weaker implementation of 

Alan Canon

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