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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Re: [dbutils] Status of outstanding JIRA issues scheduled against dbutils-1.1 release as of 3 Nov 2006
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 22:01:03 GMT
On 11/3/06, Alan Canon <> wrote:

> DBUTILS-17 ScalarHandler subclasses that return Integers and Longs
> (created 09/Mar/06
> Henri Yandell has submitted a rework of an earlier suggested patch, but
> is unsure if they should be added. The patch does add general purpose
> functionality to dbutils in addition to its originally intended benefit
> of allowing convenient selects of longs in count(*) operations. Alan
> Canon leans towards FIX in 1.1 in a comment.

I've punted it to a later version - I just don't see how it adds much
tangible value.

> DBUTILS-16 ResultSetRowProcessor abstract handler and some classes
> rework (created: 04/Jun/04)
> This two-and-a-half year old patch has been reworked into a brand new
> patch by Henri Yandell without comment as to whether or not it should be
> applied.


> DBUTILS-27 [dbutils] QueryRunner.count(String, ...) methods for SELECT
> COUNT(...) sql (created: 27/Sep/05)
> These convenience classes delegate the execution of a SQL query to a
> ScalarHandler. The meat of the patch is:
> +            stmt = this.prepareStatement(conn, sql);
> +            this.fillStatement(stmt, params);
> +            rs = this.wrap(stmt.executeQuery());
> +            result = SCALAR_HANDLER.handle(rs);
> Comments imply that what is achieved is a weaker implementation of

Punted as well.

So unless any of the non-versioned issues seem like they should go in,
it's time to start the fun of the release process.


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