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From "Jochen Wiedmann" <>
Subject Commons and Maven 2 (Was: VOTE: Migrate commons-fileupload to Maven 2)
Date Sat, 02 Sep 2006 09:46:49 GMT
On 9/2/06, Phil Steitz <> wrote:

> +1 on the move to maven 2, but the site needs to stay consistent with
> the other commons sites - i.e., if you eliminate navigation.xml, you
> have to replace it with whatever the m2 equivalent is to get the
> commons menus.  I think Dennis worked on this a while back, so there
> should be some docs available on the wiki somewhere.

Got any pointers?

> We also need to definitively settle the artifact naming conventions
> and think carefully about the impact of relocating the fileupload jar.
>  Maybe that has been settled and I just can't see it in the archives.
> Could be we need to revive the thread that looks like it died on this
> topic. I think what you have in the pom is correct, but we need to
> agree on the org.apache.commons and commons-foo conventions.  Sorry if
> I just missed this here or on repository@.

I admit, that I am not interested in this discussion. Whatever will be
decided, I'll simply follow. It is a matter of minor edits in the POM.

> I also agree with Bill that dropping the m1 build immediatlely may
> break other things that depend on it, so I am not too keen on dropping
> m1 builds as soon as when we have m2 builds working.  It might be
> best, if possible, to start using m2 to build the site and as the main
> build tool (documented on the site), but continue to support m1 for
> some time as developers (and CI systems) that depend on fileupload
> migrate to m2.

Ok, I'll keep the m1 files, but I won't maintain them.

> You should also inherit from the commons pom, which is now 1-SNAPSHOT.
>  That will bring in the apache POM.

I have studied that POM and do have concerns:

- It defines a resource set with the NOTICE.txt and LICENSE.txt. I understand
  the rationale, but unfortunately that triggers a bug in the
  It ignores the ínclude/exclude settings when building the source jar. In other
  words, it attempts to include the source jar, which is currently
being built ...

  A better approach is using the maven-antrun-plugin to copy these
files into target/classes.
  I do not know, whether this can be done in a parent jar. (See

  for an example.)

 - How are the profiles "release" and "rc" being activated?
 - These profiles should possible attach the javadoc jar.
 - It would be good to have a release of that pom as soon as possible. Work can
   be continued in 2-SNAPSHOT. However, if we haven't got a release (which we
   can, of course, override), then we cannot use it for releases.


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