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From Kris Nuttycombe <>
Subject Re: How to make site updates?
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 15:28:38 GMT
The site looks pretty good, although it appears that there may be some 
CSS problems - the left navigation bar is floated over the body content 
in both Firefox and Konqueror; I'm not sure how it shows up in IE.

So, how do I go about deploying the site?


Dennis Lundberg wrote:
> Kris Nuttycombe wrote:
>> Hi, all,
>> What is the general process for making updates to a project site? 
>> There have been a number of changes to the pipeline documentation and 
>> the javadocs need to be regenerated. How do I go about making these 
>> changes visible? The project is using maven2 and the default 
>> templates for site generation, so how do I go about getting the 
>> standard commons look & feel?
>> Thanks,
>> Kris
> Hi Kris
> You should get the standard look & feel automatically by pom 
> inheritance. It doesn't look exactly like the Maven 1 generated sites 
> yet, but we're slowly getting there. Please post any differences you 
> spot here, and I'll try to fix them. The long-term solution for this 
> is to create a commons-skin for Maven 2.

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