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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [Configuration] Developer Activity in Configuration?
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 20:00:08 GMT
Hello Mark,

Commons Configuration is still active though it looks like that 
currently I am the only committer (have not heard anything from the 
others for some time now). ATM I am trying to get a new release (1.3) out.

Your extensions sound very interesting. Especially the point about JNDI 
is something where we surely need improvement (our JNDIConfiguration is 
somewhat limited). If you are willing to contribute something back, I am 
happy to review and apply patches. Or aren't you a Commons committer 
yourself? Then you could directly join the team.


Mark Diggory wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is there currently any activity/planning/effort going on in Commons 
> Configuration. I'm interested in an adaptation of the framework which 
> could be contributed back into the project if found acceptable. 
> Specifically in the following areas:
> 1.) wildcards, regexp is File Selections for properties and xml 
> properties files
> <properties fileName="conf.d/*.properties"/>
> 2.) A factory loading strategy that unifies the loading of properties 
> irrespective of the file format (similar to the "include" property) but 
> more like JSP/XSL include/import semantics. This means that override and 
> additional directives would be parameterized into the includes such that 
> the factory only needs to know where the root config file is located and 
> the factory config.xml becomes obsolete. Instead, its syntax becomes a 
> separate data model from the xml format and reusable throughout 
> configuration properties files irrespective of file format.
> Finally.
> 3.) Configuration is really doing something that would be best captured 
> in a JNDI Context such that there was no need to know about Apache 
> Configuration to actually access the properties, thus something like a 
> Commons Configuration JNDI Service provider would allow
> javax.naming.Context ctx = new 
> InitialContext("java:comp/env/config/MyConfig"...);
> String fooBar = (String) ctx.lookup("");
> With configuration in the web.xml as follows:
> <resource-ref>
>   <description>Resource reference to a Jakarta Commons 
> Configuration.</description>
>   <res-ref-name>config/MyConfig</res-ref-name>
> <res-type>org.apache.commons.configuration.ConfigurationContext</res-type>
> </resource-ref>
> This would allow one to load a Configuration source as a JNDI resource 
> in a webapplication web.xml or in tomcats server.xml and keep the source 
> of that configuration very separate from its usage in the web-app.
> Cheers.
> -Mark
> Mark R. Diggory
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> DSpace Systems Manager
> MIT Libraries, Systems and Technology Services
> Massachusetts Institute of Technology
> -- and an Apache Jakarta Commons Commiter...

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