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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Commons and JDK5, was VOTE Release [net] version 2.0
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2006 21:55:31 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:
> Didn't collections go through  this 
> (backwards-incompatible API change, not a JDK5-ification) Îin  the past 
> for 3.0? Any experiences that can be learned from there?

[collections] 3.0 has been FUDed with the backwards incompatible tag 
ever since it was released, but it was never exactly true. The release 
rewrote many classes, and tidied many APIs, but did so by moving them 
into new packages. The original classes were deprecated, so no problems...

...except that one backwards incompatible change did sneak in - where 
the return type of a constant was changed. The clirr tool would have 
caught it, but didn't exist then.


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