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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [cli][configuration][convert] Architecting our overlaps
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2006 15:47:11 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:
> So I'm using [cli] in [finder] to see if I can mimic the command line
> interface for the unix find command. I'm using the cli2 version - lots
> of thought, but very painful to use. Here are the 30 lines of code to
> add a single option:
Must learn more about the CLI API before I can comment on this.
> Perusing the CLI2 javadoc, my second thought is that it overlaps with
> Configuration a lot. You can have Properties and Preferences command
There is an enhancement request for [configuration] for a command line 
This also shows that there is overlap.

> lines; and Configuration lacks a CLI style way to input data.
Not sure what you mean by this.
> A third thought is that the CLI2 CommandLine API for the data itself
> rests on a getValue(Option);Object method, which implies some
> conversion is going on but I've not seen how yet by looking at the
> API. Configuration also does conversion of String to various objects.
> BeanUtils does that too, which gave rise to an overmodelled [convert]
> package that we've talked about restarting as something simpler.
In [configuration] there are many conversion functions to different data 
types. Especially the conversions that deal with arrays and lists are a 
pain IMHO: There is a huge amount of code that implements these 
conversions in a structural very similar way. It would be really cool 
(except for an additional dependency) if this code could be dropped or 
significantly be simplified by making use of a special [convert] 
project. There is surely a need for such a conversion library.


> -- 
> Any of that kick off any thoughts?
> Hen
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