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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject [all][maven 2 configuration]
Date Sun, 27 Aug 2006 22:50:48 GMT
IIUC, we currently have an m2 pom hierarchy that goes

for sandbox components:
component -> commons-sandbox -> commons -> jakarta

for "proper" components:
component -> commons -> jakarta
(though only scxml appears to have an m2 build and it does not have a parent)

There are some "vestigal" references in the sandbox to "sandbox-parent."

The commons-sandbox, commons, and jakarta poms are (thanks, Dennis!)
are now published to the m2 snapshot repository.  None of the parent
POMs include the m2 snapshot repository in their repository list,
however, so in order to get the sandbox components that depend on the
hierarchy to build, you need to manually install the parent poms
locally.  This is causing the nightly script to choke when I try to
enable m2 builds.

I suggest that we make the following changes:

1. Add this to the jakarta pom (which gives it some value, assuming
this works ;-)
      <name>Apache Maven 1 Snapshots Repository</name>
      <name>Apache Maven 2 Snapshots Repository</name>

2. Add this to the commons parent:

       <name>Apache Development Snapshot Repository</name>

3. Drop the repo stuff from commons-sandbox

4. Change the sandbox and proper poms to use the hierarchy above.

I am assuming that once these changes are made, "mvn deploy" for a
proper or sandbox component will deploy (assuming ssh is happy) to the
m2 snaps repo.  I need this to work to enable nightlies for m2


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