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From Gabriele Bulfon <>
Subject Re: VFS smb bug
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2006 14:39:23 GMT
Happy to help you out, as you all are helping me out with your great 
libraries :)

I also developed a little wrapper to handle SSH Tunnels around VFS.
This will let me create a url such as :


So, for example, if I have a customer public ssh-server, I will be able 
to reach an smb server behind the firewall doing:


I was testing this some months ago and encountered a little problem, but 
had no time to investigate.
I will get my hands on this again shortly, and will ask you again if needed.
Then, if you think this maybe interesting inside VFS, we may discuss a 
final implementation.

Last but not least, tell me how can I contribute to your FAQ. I will be 
glad to do it.

Have fun,

P.S. is there any reason why vfs smb urls pointing to an XP machine 
always fail?!

Mario Ivankovits wrote:
> Hi Gabriele!
>>I think I found a very simple bug inside the VFS code implementation
>>for SMB.
> Yea! And you did a VERY good work in locating where the problem is.
> Thanks alot!
>>I had hard times finding documentations about it, but after a bit of
>>hacking inside the source code I could find how to do it.
> It would be great if you add your insights to the faq:
> I coded this stuff during the last hackaton at the ApacheCon Dublin, but
> - as always - I am lazy in writing documentations :-(
>>- the ones missing credentials will be authenticated by my authenticator
>>- the other ones will use the url encoded credentials.
>>What do you think?
> Yes, I think you are right. I changed the code so that any information
> provided by the url will override any data from the authenticator,
> though, even if you provide all required informations the authenticator
> will be called anyway ... room for improvements ;-)
> Thanks for the time you take to figure this out.
> Ciao,
> Mario
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