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From Nicolas De Loof <>
Subject Re: [logging] pom for commons-logging-api and building/testing JCLwith Maven 1
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 07:29:06 GMT

I didn't read the start of this topic, but just my 2 cents about 
creating more sub-projects for implementation specifics :
You're suggesting to split the project into modules for log4j, avalon 
and so on.
Using maven2 you can create those artifacts as POM (not jars) and keep 
commons-logging as a main jar with optional dependencies. The specific 
poms only declare commons-logging and required dependencies for a 
particular use-case. You can consider such poms as "profiles" for some 
typical use of the lib (but "profile" has other meaning in maven2).

I myself use this for my corporate projects : only declare a dependency 
to "mycompany:webapp" and you get all required libs for a typical webapp 
(typical = the way we used to build webapps, other people may consider 
some of those dependencies useless)

> I think it is a good idea to keep the tiny commons-logging-api as separate
> artifact and allow people to only depend on that.
> For the review of the pom.xml some comments from me:
> - -consider about spitting off commons-logging-api as a separate project with its
> own pom.xml. The build logic could be so much simpler.
> - -what do you think about a common pom.xml for all commons?
> - -whenever you swith to maven2 then you should switch to the default directory
> layout
> - -the profile based dependency stuff is also very complicated magic. Following
> the maven2 conventions could make it a lot easier. But this might require that
>  you split of the implementation (commons-logging-logj4, commons-logging-avalon,
> etc.) then you even do not need to declare the dependencies optional - I gues
> you are not looking foreward to do this (e.g. from the maintaince point of view)...
> Regards
>   Jörg
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