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From Joerg Hohwiller <>
Subject Re: [logging] pom for commons-logging-api and building/testing JCL with Maven 1
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 21:37:58 GMT
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Hi there,

Dennis Lundberg wrote:
> Hi Simon
> I think this is a Maven 1 vs Maven 2 issue. As long as we deploy our
> artifacts (jars) to the Maven 1 repo, which we will do until we switch
> to Maven 2 as a build system, we need to also supply Maven 1 poms for
> them. The reason I created this pom was that the deployed
> commons-logging-api.jar does not have an accompanying pom. Adding this
> pom to the repo means that other products can set up commons-logging-api
> as a dependency.
I think it is a good idea to keep the tiny commons-logging-api as separate
artifact and allow people to only depend on that.

For the review of the pom.xml some comments from me:
- -consider about spitting off commons-logging-api as a separate project with its
own pom.xml. The build logic could be so much simpler.

- -what do you think about a common pom.xml for all commons?

- -whenever you swith to maven2 then you should switch to the default directory

- -the profile based dependency stuff is also very complicated magic. Following
the maven2 conventions could make it a lot easier. But this might require that
 you split of the implementation (commons-logging-logj4, commons-logging-avalon,
etc.) then you even do not need to declare the dependencies optional - I gues
you are not looking foreward to do this (e.g. from the maintaince point of view)...

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